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2020 Holiday Music Video
“A COVID Kinda Christmas”
Cast of 13 Youth 4 Board Members

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The Story Behind the Song

COVID shut everything down in Los Angeles the last week of March 2020. That week was our show week for our production of Annie, so going into tech week our cast of 25, our crew, and staff had to put their production plans on hold.

As the virus spread, hopes of rescheduling the show looked bleak, so the email went out “THE SHOW IS CANCELED” the kids were brokenhearted.

To make up for the loss of their Spring Musical, the Board of Directors got together to plan a Holiday Virtual Show. Actors, Writers, and Producers themselves they came up with a plan and a theme. “A COVID Kinda Christmas!” We are gonna call it what it is, and find humor, entertainment, comfort and joy even in these dark times. That is the greatest lesson we could give our youth!

Sylvia MacCalla came to mind when suggesting songs and dances. A talented songwriter, Sylvia, was a dear friend, colleague, and has performed with many of us. So Yvette Cason asked her if she could write a song. AND SHE DID!

We all loved it so much that we scrapped the showcase idea and invited the kids to make a music video instead! They loved the song and loved being able to perform again!

IF YOU LOVE IT TOO… Download it and rock out all Holiday long! All proceeds go to Youth Drama Theater for future productions and programs.

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