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Our Shows

Students get to try new things and discover talents as they rehearse for the performances. Rehearsal reinforces reading skills, note taking, and memorization. It also teaches students to process criticism as constructive and positive opportunities to improve.

Being a performer takes dedication, accountability, and collaboration. These are all priceless skills that will help our students achieve greatness in their future.

Stage Crew is one of the most important departments in a stage production. Lights, props, sets, sound, all of these fall in that category. At YDT we believe in preparing our youth to fill ALL aspects of the Theater experience. We invite youth to participate in the following positions:

Spotlight Operators
Lighting Assistant
Assistant Stage Manager
Make-up Assistant
Costume Assistant
Front of the House Assistant
Production Assistant
Sound Assistant
And More

Once on this Island Jr. Summer 2021
A Covid Kinda Christmas - Winter 2020
Annie Spring 2020
The Wiz Summer 2019
South LA to Broadway Spring 2017
Where are you Christmas? Winter 2016

We believe that every child deserves to explore, discover, and develop their talents in a safe and welcoming environment.The arts provide so many opportunities to grow on the inside and mold young minds and hearts.

Performing Arts is a form of art that sharpens skills like reading and public speaking. It also gives young people a chance to collaborate together and work as a team where everyone is important. It teaches accountability, how to analyze and execute direction, and how to receive and apply constructive criticism. Check out the BENEFITS OF THE ARTS page for more on the amazing lessons young people learn from participating in Performing Arts.

We have developed Areas of Learning that our program focuses on for a “whole”listic approach to learning. Our students are unique and come from different and some difficult backgrounds. Our Areas of Learning allow them to be creative on and off stage and teaches them to be the BEST them they can be.

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