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2020-2021 SEASON

Lessons, Workshops, Rehearsals, Performances & Mentorships

At YDT our mission is to provide performance opportunities, introduce youth to different aspects of the creative industry, and provide a safe place where kids can participate in activities and lessons that develop creativity, confidence, and personal growth.


Director: Nikkema Taylor
Music Director: Ben Ginsberg
Choreographer: Cassie Crump
Editor & Motion Graphics: Maya Bingham
Music Engineer: Ron Walters, Jr.

Once on This Island JR is the authorized young performer’s edition of Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty’s story of “two worlds, never meant to meet,” where the power of love is proven to conquer the power of death – a lesson well told for generations to come.

Once on This Island is an engaging, Caribbean-flavored musical set on an unnamed island in the French Antilles. The story of Ti Moune, a peasant girl who falls in love above her class, is told around a fire by a group of Caribbean peasants as they wait out a terrible storm. Once on This Island uses the tradition of storytelling to pass down history, values and insight from one generation to the next. The result is a lesson to be passed along for generations to come. With the gods looking over her, Ti Moune’s journey of unrequited love comes to prove that the power of love is stronger than the power of death. Ti Moune’s courage and spirit prove that love can withstand the storm, cross the Earth, and survive even in the face of death. With rhythms of the Caribbean Islands, this show will be a favorite of performers and audiences alike!

AGES 7-17

(7 Roles)

Storytellers are the narrators that tell the story of Once on This Island Jr. They can be male or female. Not only do they sing the bulk of the show, but they also focus the audience’s attention on important events throughout the production. These roles are the true leads! Some will double as Daniel’s Father and The Gatekeeper.

Little Girl/Little Ti Moune is the perfect role for a very young performer. This girl should be able to stay focused and listen. The role also requires some singing with the ensemble.

Mama Euralie is the symbolic mother of us all. She should possess a nice voice, and be a good actress. Be sure to audition Mama with Tonton as you will want to cast two people who perform well together, look like a couple and have stage chemistry.

Tonton Julian is the loving adopted father of Ti Moune. The actor who plays this role should have a nice voice, and be a good actor. It helps to cast a boy whose voice has changed, although not necessary.

Ti Moune/Peasant Girl is the focus of our story and is featured in solo songs and dance. The actress performing this role should have an excellent voice and be an excellent dancer. The music Ti Moune sings is written in a pop style.

Daniel Beauxhomme is the male ingenue in Once on This Island Jr. Cast a young man who has a nice voice. Pair up potential Ti Mounes and Daniels at your final audition.

Andrea is Daniel’s beautiful fiancee. She is refined, educated and the exact opposite of Ti Moune.

Papa Ge is the self-described “sly demon of death.” The actor performing the role should have a nice voice and an evil laugh.

Asaka is the Goddess of the Earth and sings one of the most popular and fun songs of the show, “Mama Will Provide.” Cast an excellent singer who moves well and is capable of an earthy look.

Agwe is the God of Water. He has a solo early in the show that requires an excellent voice (“Rain”). Cast an actor capable of singing the song.

Erzulie is the triumphant Goddess of Love. She should have a pretty voice that is compatible with a pop style of singing.

Book and Lyrics by
Lynn Ahrens

Music by
Stephen Flaherty

Based Upon the Novel “My Love, My Love” by Rosa Guy

Once On This Island JR. is presented through special arrangement with and all authorized materials are supplied by Music Theatre International, 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019

Script, music and all other materials © 2010 iTheatrics
Broadway Junior and MTI’s Broadway Junior Collection are trademarks of Music Theatre International. All rights reserved

Fill out the information and upload your audition here.

Please prepare a song that shows off your voice. Pick the part of the song that shows your range and power.

Record only up to 1 minute and 30 seconds… upload it to your YouTube, Google Docs, or Dropbox and then paste the url in the box. Don’t forget to allow us to access it!

If you are having trouble uploading to the website then send all your contact info and video to [email protected]


Audition submissions
February 5th- 21st
All interested Youth ages 7-17 are welcome to submit audition videos to be considered for a role in YDT’s 2021 Musical Once on this Island (Virtual)

Callbacks/Zoom Interviews
February 22nd – 26th
The second step in the process of casting is the Callbacks and Zoom Interviews. We will set up a one on one zoom call with you.

Rehearsals begin Wednesday, March 3rd

This is a 100% virtual project. Each cast member must be able to attend rehearsals via zoom, download music and script, and must have 2 devices to record with ie. smart phones, tablets, and or laptops.

We can work around school, dance, and other scheduling conflicts. We will ask you foe scheduling conflicts during the call back phase of the audition process.

If you have any questions please email them at [email protected]

To keep youth drama theater a tuition free program ALL cast members are required to sell at least 25 tickets to the show.

Our show will be pre-recorded and streamed on-line. We are selling virtual tickets for $10 each.

Parents who opt not to sell tickets may make a donation of $250 to YDT to fulfill the requirement.

Saturday, June 26, 2021
Sunday, June 27, 2021

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